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Coaching for Coaches

This is a BSC initiative for coaches to support other coaches.

By signing up to the Peer to Peer Pledge you are agreeing to give time to coach and avail coaching from one another. Each Coach will give and benefit from a maximum of 3 coaching sessions with another coach. This is an opportunity for coaches in training to gain experience and coaching hours towards their qualification. It’s also a great way to develop your coaching skills, learn together and connect with other Coaches.

The coaching sessions can be face-to-face or via Skype/phone depending on logistics. The duration of the coaching sessions and scheduling are for to the Coach and Coachee to arrange.

Give back, pay forward and nurture the coaching community!

If you have signed up to the pledge you will find your details in the directory below. Please take a look at the Coaches listed in the directory and select who you would prefer to be paired with, to connect with the Coach that you select please contact Each Coach can only be paired with 1 person and so you may not get who you originally selected. BSC will make the connections via email, we will get your permission before sharing your contact details with the person you are matched with.









Coaching Directory for Peer to Peer Coaches