ILM Level 3 Award & Certificate in Coaching

Who is it for?

This qualification is suited to those who are practising or potential team leaders and first line managers.   It equips you with a range of coaching skills that may be used immediately and practically as part of your normal work role.

What are the benefits?

Throughout the programme we aim to:

1) Enable you to assess your own ability to use interpersonal communication skills to give effective feedback to learners.

2) Enable you to use and evaluate a range of learning resources to support, monitor and record safe and effective coaching.

3) Enable you to plan, organise, undertake, monitor and review your own coaching performance.

You should develop understanding and competence in coaching skills, including the role, responsibilities, behaviours and characteristics of the workplace coach.  It will also crucially help your understanding of the importance of contracting, ethical coaching, recording
and monitoring coaching.

You will gain an understanding of the barriers to effective coaching and the strategies to overcome them.  Integral to this is the development of key tools for assessing, analysing and developing your coaching abilities to improve your performance.

Finally you will undertake supervised coaching in the workplace for at least 6 hours.

How is it structured?

The ILM Level 3 Award Coaching is a concise qualification made up of three mandatory units which introduce the key aspects of coaching in the workplace.

In the first unit, ‘Understanding good practice in workplace coaching’, the role of the workplace coach is explored. Here participants assess their own ability to use a variety of interpersonal communication skills when giving effective feedback to learners.

In ‘Organising workplace coaching’ participants look at the range and value of different learning resources to support safe and effective coaching, alongside practical skills in how to monitor and record learner progress.

In the final unit of the award participants plan and organise workplace coaching sessions, undertaking coaching and then monitoring/reviewing their own workplace coaching performance.

What do I get?

A highly interactive course with 3 days of in-depth workshops and peer support

4 hours of tutorial support as well as session supervision from our expert and highly experienced faculty.

Handbooks, workbooks and refreshments

On successful achievement, an ILM Level 3 Certificate as well as 10 credits on the international qualifications framework


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