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Know yourself, know your client

In order to operate professionally and within the ethical boundaries of coaching,I believe we have an obligation to our clients to undertake periods of sustained self-reflection. My personal mantra that has supported my continued development and ability to self-reflect objectively on my performance,and that of my clients, is ‘know yourself, know your client’. When we […]

Five great tips for anyone starting out as a mentor…

The world needs mentors. We live in a society characterised by individualistic entitlement seasoned with a pinch of fear-induced need to succeed. With potential career paths for many it would seem an exciting time to live, yet the sheer volume of decisions to be made renders a nation impotent. Many people shy away from mentoring […]

A Rationale for Coaching in Education

Strategies for professional learning and staff development in a school context have traditionally been through the introduction of an initiative by senior leaders or visiting providers or through focus groups and twilight training internally or by staff attending external courses. Other strategies have been to share classroom practice through team meetings, through discussion and conversations […]