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Reflections on Becoming a Coach Supervisor

Introduction I successfully completed the ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching & Leadership Mentoring and have undertaken coaching with a mix of internal and external coachees. As part of my continuous development for my coaching, I undertook the ILM Endorsed Coaching & Mentoring Supervision Award through the British School of Coaching. This experience has […]

How to price your coaching services

I enjoy hearing the stories of how someone gets into coaching.  This is a new profession and there are many streams to enter the river.  Working as a coach with lots of professionals from the legal world, it is obvious this is happening there as well. Professionals often study unrelated subjects, recognise law is what […]

5 ways to win as a freelance Coach

If you’re making the jump from a large organisation to life as a freelancer, expect at the very least a mind-set change!  Most people who make this move often feel bereft by the significant change in their lifestyle – both financially and in the change in pattern of their work. Often leaving at the height […]

Does ‘VAK’ work?

In the late fifties, early sixties, when I was a knowledge-hungry schoolboy, it was common for my class-mates and I to dip into the many do-it-yourself diagnostic tests published in the popular press – things like Eysinck’s “Test Your Own IQ”. We would then strut our self-imposed labels – and ground our emerging misconceptions about […]

How to deal with a difficult coaching client

One of the things that tested my resolve the most during my training as a coach was learning that coaching sessions may not always leave you with an instant gratification of the influence your facilitation has had on the clients thinking. I understand now that you may not receive the real-time positive feedback you are […]