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Book Review

Understanding your context- What’s it like to be a bat?

January is behind us already! What’s changed? Have you had time to reflect on your style of coaching, whatever stage you may be in your practice? How should we align ourselves to the new anxieties prevailing as a result of the pandemic? Coaching is likely to mean over a screen for a few months yet; […]

Ramadan/Summer Reading Series: 1

Ramadan and summer time provides an excellent opportunity for reflection and self-development. Following the tradition established last year, I will hopefully provide some suggestions to tempt your learning. When we are in the midst of studying for a coaching or mentoring qualification, we spend a lot of time reading numerous source materials – but what […]

Book Review: ‘Developmental Coaching- Working with the Self’ – Bachkirova

“Developmental Coaching- Working with the Self”- Tatiana Bachkirova (2011) Open University Press, McGraw Hill Education This is a book that is a stretching and demanding read for the reader, with excellent referencing to sources and also designed to advance the author’s new theory of developmental coaching. The main intention of the author was to “develop […]

Book Review: Leading and Coaching Teams to Success – Phil Hayes

LEADING & COACHING TEAMS TO SUCCESS- The Secret Life Of Teams-  Phil Hayes  (2011) Open University Press, McGraw Hill Education The rear of the cover states “if you are a manager, coach or team leader and want to build a strong performing team of your own, then this book is for you!” I was pleasantly […]

Book Review: Coaching and Mentoring at Work

Coaching and Mentoring At Work (2nd Edition)  –Mary Connor and Julia Pokora (2012) Open University Press, McGraw-Hill Education by Martin Hill, Senior Tutor This book is relevant for experienced practitioners and also provides a great framework for new practitioners and students. I would also suggest that this is an essential read for purchasers of coaching […]