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Business of Coaching

Starting your own coaching practice is an exciting and challenging prospect. Motivations and what you want to achieve will be many and varied. We will help you to assess what it will involve, examine some of the risks, and consider how to turn your dream into reality.

Course description

Consisting of 1 day of workshops, this is a very practical programme that focuses on your own business.  This is for people who have, or are thinking about establishing, your own coaching practice.  Avoid the pitfalls and plan for a successful business.

Focused on business planning, promotion and pricing, rather than on coaching skills,  the workshops enable you to take the next steps to get your coaching practice up and running successfully.

Key areas of business planning are covered, including:
•    Objectives of your business
•    Business skills and managing cash flow
•    Defining and assessing your offer
•    Marketing and promotion, including social media
•    Costing and pricing
•    Selling your services

During the programme you will explore your aspirations and how you can achieve them; the resources and challenges you are working with and how you can identify your point of difference. Understanding the right price and the most effective costing model for your practice is critical for any independent coach.

This course is for you if you…

•    Have decided to start, or are thinking about establishing, a coaching practice and want to examine what you need to do next
•    Have a new or existing coaching business which you want to develop further