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Insights into how coaching supervision supports CPD and Wellbeing

Are you in need of a coaching health check?  Where do you turn when you have a client that causes you concern?  How do you keep yourself healthy as a Coach?

Martin Hill joins us at BSC’s What Works in Coaching session to explore how supervision is critical for all coaches regardless of the level of experience. Even the most experienced coaches have “blind spots”; aspects they haven’t considered and their own challenges. High-quality coaching can’t be maintained by a coach acting in isolation.

Martin Hill leads on the BSC ILM level 7 coaching supervision qualification and the ILM Level 7 coaching qualification. As a coach and supervisor, he uses his 30 years’ public sector management experience, his experience as a lawyer and his coaching experience and skills to provide a professional, ethical, non-judgmental and safe environment to facilitate the client to develop their skills and knowledge in order to achieve their goals, resulting in sustainable performance improvements for the client and the organisation.

Martin’s core values as a coach and supervisor are confidentiality, fairness, respect, honesty, equality, integrity, commitment, professionalism, trust, objectivity; continuous improvement; striving for excellence and belief in the future potential of all.

His coaching and supervision approach are founded on his passionate belief in the importance of equipping individuals and organisations with the skills and knowledge required to advance their personal achievements and develop organisational success to ensure a culture of sustainable excellence is attained.

The one-hour session explores:

  •  Maintaining performance
    •    Provides quality assurance for clients
    •    Supports continued development of the coach
    •    Ensures effectiveness of the coaching approach
    •    Extends the skills and knowledge of the coach
    •    A chance for the coach to grow coaching capacity –
    •    Supports ethical practice and high standard for client

This session is for you if you…
want to know more about what Supervision provides in terms of support, challenge and development to the coach, and quality assurance for the client and the sponsor.