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Creating a Coaching Culture

“As more and more companies realize the benefits of hiring a coach, they also realize the benefits of incorporating a coaching methodology into the management style of their leaders. After all, there’s a difference between simply telling employees what to do and working with them on professional development”
Forbes Coaches Council (2016)

Creating A Coaching Culture

“A coaching culture exists in an organisation when a coaching approach is a key aspect of how the leaders, managers and staff engage and develop all their people and engage their stakeholders, in ways that create increased individual, team and organisational performance and shared value for all stakeholders”- Peter Hawkins (2012).

This event is a “must” for all coaches, HR professionals, L&D professionals, executives and managers and provides practical information on how to embark on the process of creating a coaching culture within your organisation.

By attending the event you will be able to:

•  Understand the key roles in setting up and managing coaching services in your organisation
•  Identify the factors to consider in establishing a coaching culture
•  Make decisions about how coaching will work best in your organisation
•  Experience and practice a useful coaching model that can form the foundation for a coaching culture