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Emotions in Coaching

Emotions are a fundamental aspect of human functioning. The process of coaching can elicit emotions in clients as well as coaches. It is important that coaches understand emotions and how emotions can be harnessed to achieve results. It is also useful for coaching to be aware of how they deal with difficult emotions when working with their clients, both in individual coaching programmes and organisational settings.

This 1-day course will develop coaches’ understanding of emotions and their impact on clients and themselves.

The course covers the following key areas:
• Understanding emotions
• Emotions, motivation and feelings
• Impact of emotions on behaviour
• Dealing with difficult emotions in coaching settings
• Working with emotions in a coaching setting

This course is for you if you…

• Are a coach, internal or external coach (if working within organisations)
• Want to deepen your understanding of emotions and how they impact the coaching process
• Are ready to step up a level in your coaching practice
• Want to learn different ways to support clients’ change and transformation

This programme is designed to enhance coaching skills, increase understanding of emotions and how they can be useful to yourself and your client.

Programme Lead: Ana Paula Naciff

Ana is an experienced executive coach and facilitator who works with leaders and senior managers in both public and not-for-profit sectors. Ana’s recent work includes executive coaching with senior NHS managers, design and delivery of wellbeing programmes, as well as coaching training and facilitation. She specialises in leadership development and works with clients to accelerate personal growth, build a sense of team, manage difficult conversations and shift cultural behaviours.