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Coaching Services

Research by the International Personnel Management Association (IPMA) found that ‘training on its own increases productivity by 22%, whereas combining it with coaching increases productivity by 88%’.

British School of Coaching not only deliver coaching training but also provide executive coaching sessions. Coaching is a powerful tool that is recognised as one of the key essentials of success in many fields from top businesses to athletes. It enables you to make achievable adjustments to your career, business and performance as well as developing your skills, knowledge and relationships with others.

The One to One & Group Coaching Service on Offer

Executive Coaching

We offer independent and impartial executive coaching to maximise the potential of your board members and senior management team, drawing on expert consultants from a wide raft of industries who will deliver measurable results to your profit margins and business goals.

Career Coaching

Helping you find what career works for you is something BSC have been doing very successfully for over 20 years. Our career coaching team are experts in helping you plan your next career step, make a career change or move to self-employment. We work with you to achieve your “best-fit”. Career coaching enables you to review your current situation, evaluate your skills, consider what you want in the future and provide you with a number of tools and skills to enable you to manage your career – rather than your career managing you!

One to one career coaching will begin with individual self-assessment examining all aspects of your career. This will be followed by action planning to enable you to put your ideas into practice.

Wellbeing Coaching

Do you have a health or lifestyle-related target? Our wellbeing coaches can support you in setting and reaching your goals.

Group Coaching

Group coaching links people together to make their work more effective. This coaching opportunity may be formal or informal and could include peers with a mutual interest or people from different organisations who want to work together to increase efficiency.

Group coaching offers a thorough assessment, feedback and coaching process, tailored to meet the group’s needs and objectives.


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