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Using Free Assessment Tools in Coaching

Have you ever wondered how you can better explore your client’s awareness of themselves, differentiate between their nature, hard-wiring, nurture how their development has been influenced and choices they could make to create a shift and intentionality?

Using trait, preference or personality assessment tools in your coaching practice can play an important role in getting to know a client quickly and effectively build trust, confidence and rapport.

Laurence Sutton is an Executive Coach and a BSC Faculty member.  He will be sharing his insight as an MBTI and Five Voices coach into the benefits and challenges of using the many free online assessments available, with clients. He will share how he uses assessments in his practice and the impact that they have had for his coaching approach and the benefits to the client-coach relationship.

Sign up to the taster session to gain an understanding of using assessment tools to make a greater impact in your coaching practice.

The one-hour session explores brief insight into the following key areas:

  • Insight into your own personality preferences through a pre-session course self-assessment online using a model of your choice
  • Illustrations of key management insights to increase the client’s self-awareness
  • Applying the client’s choices through intentionality through self-awareness

This session is for you if …

  • You want to know more about trait preference and personality testing in coaching
  • Are a coach, internal or external coach (if working within organisations)
  • Want to develop your coaching practice with additional tools and skills
  • Want to create more impact and earlier rapport in chemistry sessions and coaching practice
  • Want to learn different ways to support clients’ change and transformation