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Calling all coaches and mentors!

Do you have something to contribute to the coaching community and would like to be published online? We are inviting you to write 150 – 250 word pieces discussing the topics or questions listed below. These will be published on our coaching blog.

Some of the team are excellent bloggers but it is a skill of its own and we can’t be good at everything – or can we?! We are interested to hear your opinion and voice in these blogs and they don’t necessarily have to relate to the topics below – these are just a starting point. Tell us what makes you a great coach! We are looking for contributions that are inspired by your passion and recent experiences in coaching.

If your submission is selected, it will be posted on the blog (which receives 300 unique visits per day) It will clearly state you as author and can link to relevant blogs / online publications where people can read more about your work (if desired).

Please send in your contributions to by 31st of March. The blog generating most interest over the period will win you a £50 Amazon voucher or donation to a charity of your choice.


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  • 5 tips for anyone starting out as a coach or mentor
  • ‘Coaching, you don’t need qualifications for that!’ Discuss…
  • What’s the worst example of coaching you’ve ever seen?
  • How to break the ice with a new coachee
  • The power of supervision
  • Coaching as a management style
  • Top tips for evaluating coaching