Support and Growth Through Coaching & Coaching Supervision

BSC offers regular group supervision held online in small groups, facilitated by our professional coaching supervisors/mentor coach. We also provide supervision on an individual basis for coaches working on their own or within organisations in order to support their professional development as a coach. For organisations looking to support and develop their in-house coaches, we provide bespoke supervision support through individual or group session, either on-site or online.

For convenience and easy access, we have now introduced Group Coaching on  weekdays (Wednesdays).
Each group is limited to upto 6 attendees, with 5 sessions throughout the year.

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Coaching supervision is critical for all coaches regardless of level of experience. Even the most experienced coaches have “blind spots”; aspects they haven’t considered and their own challenges. High-quality coaching can’t be maintained by a coach acting in isolation.

Supervision/mentor coach provides support, challenge and development to the coach, and quality assurance for the client and the sponsor. Benefits of coaching supervision include:
•    Maintain performance
•    Provides quality assurance for clients
•    Supports continued development of the coach
•    Ensures effectiveness of the coaching approach
•    Extends the skills and knowledge of the coach
•    A chance for the coach to grow coaching capacity, explore and reflect on real case studies in a safe and supportive environment
•    Supports ethical practice and high standards for client

Group Supervision – Building Coaching & Mentoring Capability

  •         Are you recently qualified?
  •         Are you returning to coaching?
  •         Lack support as an independent coach?
  •         Need regular development and support to grow your skills and your coaching practice?
  •         Gain reassurance about the quality of your coaching practice
  •         Counts as part of your CPD requirements – (CPD certificate available on request).

You may be recently qualified, worried you are de-skilling, lack support as an independent coach, using the same approaches and need to build your resilience, manage your wellbeing, grow your coaching skills and confidence. This offers you a depth of personal exploration and joint discovery. Supporting your work with clients in complex, unpredictable environments requires a detailed nuanced approach.

To learn more about our bespoke offers for organisations or if you are looking for individual supervision/mentor coach, let’s have a chat. Get in touch with us or call 01744605046.