5 ways to win as a freelance Coach

Judith Barton, Director of Coaching

If you’re making the jump from a large organisation to life as a freelancer, expect at the very least a mind-set change!  Most people who make this move often feel bereft by the significant change in their lifestyle – both financially and in the change in pattern of their work.

Often leaving at the height of your career can bring additional shocks.  You may feel not only the loss of your status but the realisation that the end of the month is no longer a reliable source of money!  This seems like a very bleak picture – but think about all the other opportunities… to shape your own life; to say ‘yes’ as well as ‘no’; to think about what you want to achieve for others – as well as maybe yourself.

If you’re facing this challenge (or opportunity, depending on how you see it!) then consider these 5 important points…

  1. You are it. Your work begins and ends with you.  It is unlikely at this stage that you will receive any external support  – think ‘it will only happen if I do it.’
  2. Keep yourself mentally and physically fit.
  3. Off days are cost days.  If you’re not able to deliver the work you’ve promised, or you’re not able to deliver any work, then that certainly becomes a cost and not a revenue.
  4. Marketing never stops – whilst you’re working, you’re not getting business.  Consider how you balance the challenges of delivering and getting business – what other avenues can you use to market?   Don’t forget to exploit the opportunities that social media bring – although whilst you may have one face for Facebook, you will need to think about your business face for Facebook.
  5. Manage risk.  When you set off as an independent or freelancer, funding insurance policies to cover risk may be a really difficult challenge.  Whilst you have a professional indemnity, managing any other risks may have to be about your ability rather than insurance coverage, which may be beyond your budget at this early stage.

Much more of these topics and the ability to come up with a successful freelance plan will be available through our one day programme, run by the British School of Coaching.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Judith Barton is Director of Coaching at BSC, and is currently leading the ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring in the UAE.

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