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Understanding your context- What’s it like to be a bat?

January is behind us already! What’s changed? Have you had time to reflect on your style of coaching, whatever stage you may be in your practice? How should we align ourselves to the new anxieties prevailing as a result of the pandemic? Coaching is likely to mean over a screen for a few months yet; […]

Raising awareness of coercive control: Working with recovering victims

Raising awareness of coercive control: Working with recovering victims within the coaching relationship Anyone can fall victim of coercive control, an insidious, invisible form of abuse which has been a criminal offence in the UK since 2015. It encompasses all spectrums of society, in various contexts, organisations of diverse genres and interpersonal relationships. The aftereffects […]

Should Mentoring be having its “Day in the Sun?”

British School of Coaching enjoys an excellent reputation in the delivery of ILM coaching and mentoring qualifications but I have always been struck that the vast majority of our learners enrolled on the programmes for becoming coaches rather than mentors.  The fact is that there are similarities between the two practices and they share skills […]

‘Coaching is Coaching’: are there any differences between coaching in-company & individual clients?

‘Coaching is Coaching’: are there really any differences between coaching in-company and with individual clients? Working both as an in-company coach and with individual clients, I have been reflecting if there are any differences between the two. Both types of coaching require the same essential solution-focused skills of listening, questioning, providing constructive feedback, summarizing, empathizing […]

Snakes & ladders of lockdown learning

Coming from a discipline of learning and coaching in person and now spending atleast the last 6 weeks doing this online it does feels like I am moving up and down the competency stair-like snakes & ladders!  Now the last few weeks have taught me there is a lot to learn, setting up your space, […]

7 Tips to get the most from Coaching Supervision

Coaching supervision is increasingly part of the coaching landscape.  At its best, it offers a safe, supportive, reflective space to enable us as coaches to develop our capacity to respond more deeply and effectively in service of our clients – both for our coachees and, if we are working in organisations, the system they are […]

When should a Coach cancel?

“Accept then Act. Whatever the present moment contains accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.” Eckhart Tolle. The inspiration for this blog came from a recent supervision session. Rest assured, confidentiality has been preserved and not only did I seek the permission of the supervisee for the […]

Self-Care for Coaches

“Put Your Own Mask on First” We are all familiar with the above request, so much so, that most of us probably pay little attention to the safety talk at the beginning of every flight.  Just as we know we probably should pay more heed in this scenario, when thinking about self care in coaching, […]

Positive Psychology in Organisations

Positive psychology focuses on what makes life worth living, on how human beings can flourish and lead a fulfilling life. This evidence-based practice has been widely researched and successfully used by individuals, communities and organisations to increase wellbeing, resilience and achievement. Despite that, positive psychology may not be what naturally comes to the mind of […]

Ingredients for Coaching Supervision – Reflection and Reflexivity

According to one resource ( – Paul Hibbert – 2014) reflexivity is described as reflection + self change. Hibbert argues that the learning gained by reflection on its own is learning that leaves you as the “same person” you were before, whereas reflexivity, “achieves learning but also leaves the learner changed as a result.” He […]