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Coaching Supervision – So what?

As coaches, we are encouraged to display a high level of emotional intelligence, with self reflection with self-reflection key to growth.  However, one may argue, that, no matter how hard we try to develop the same neutrality and absence of preconception when dealing with our coachees, it is almost impossible to self reflect with total […]

Coaching Supervision – What is it?

Coaching is, by its very nature, a potentially isolating profession, one where a high level of trust is required, where potentially delicate situations need to be handled with sensitivity and where there may well be complex relationships to be managed.  A coach may feel some anxiety and stress when continually faced with such issues, and […]

“From Young Adult to Leadership Executive” answering the “Why?”

The origins of the word “mentor” go back to the ancient Greeks.  Odysseus appointed “Mentor” who was to oversee the teaching of Odysseus’s son Telemachus.  From this the word “mentor” has evolved to mean trusted advisor, teacher and wise person. So, the concept of mentoring has been around for many centuries, and, today, is seen […]

Mentoring v Coaching – A Balance of Power

It could perhaps be argued that in the promotion of “coaching style” conversations, we have sometimes overlooked the value of mentoring, or at least, not always recognised what it can contribute to an organisation, when properly managed.  Combined with the fact that mentoring and coaching have become more and more intertwined in that style of […]

My BSC Coaching Network Experience

‘Rocking up’ 15 minutes late, not being entirely able to remember the name of the event you are attending in order to get directions from the hotel reception staff, probably, (at a guess) isn’t the most ideal way to begin exploring a potential career in coaching… However, I was received with such welcome at the […]

Making Goals Stick – Learning from Outside My Boundary

If you are reading this as a BSC Alumni then I imagine you will have heard what I am about to say from one of my Faculty colleagues. Coaching is coaching, it is discipline, where we coach, the context in which we operate is used to narrow your offer to the market place. For example, […]

Coaching & Mentoring Confidentiality

Confidentiality is the essence of being trusted” Billy Graham Contracting is one of the key skills that a coach needs to master as it is the foundation for building trust, confidence and rapport with the client and creating an effective coaching relationship. One of the key elements for contracting in coaching and mentoring is dealing […]

Gift Ideas for Coaches

If you’re searching for a gift idea for a coach, mentor or maybe someone who is keen to generate ideas in a team meeting then you may find these useful. I have used these with clients over the last 12 months and they all have multiple applications with clients. Cardboard Figures They have many uses, […]

Can you Coach for Knowledge?

A maths teacher made the news this summer by sitting the GCSE maths exam alongside her pupils. She said that this was to show solidarity with the students, who were undertaking the exam for the first time under a new scoring system, where papers are graded from 1-9, with 9 being the highest mark. Thankfully […]

How Can Coaches Exploit Vulnerability Effectively to Help Their Clients?

According to Brene Brown, (in her book, “Daring Greatly: How the Courage to be vulnerable transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead”) vulnerability is “uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure” but it is also, “the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy and creativity.”   I would agree with all those things but would also […]