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Selecting a Professional Accreditation Body

“People are usually more convinced by reasons they discovered themselves than by those found out by others.”- Blaise Pascal I hope that the above quotation underscores the fact that my motive in writing this blog is not to “sell” one particular coaching professional body, but instead to encourage and enable you to embark on a […]

Preparing For Coaching Supervision

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle The key factor, in my view, that distinguishes a professional and ethical coach from a “run of the mill” coach is the supervision regime of the coach. The Ridler Report and recent coaching tenders and literature all have one element in common – the importance […]

Qualification Levels

British School of Coaching offers training and development programmes leading to ILM accredited qualifications. These qualifications are available at a number of levels, which are defined by the regulatory body for qualifications in England, commonly known as Ofqual. We offer qualifications at Level 2, 3, 5 and 7 which include academic learning and a requirement […]

Writing your assignments – tips and wrinkles

Most of us feel anxious and stressed about writing work for assessment – whether it is a short piece for a Level 2 Award, an extended essay for a Master’s level Diploma or professionals writing a report for clients or supervisors. This blog however is about writing assignments for ILM accredited qualifications through British School […]

How to become an even better coach – Identifying the slither of difference

In my last blog I discussed the ‘slither of difference’. For those who may not have read this blog; the ‘slither of difference’ is the little, often tiny elements that make the difference between good and great performance. The difficulty with this can be identifying what is the tiny element that will make the difference. […]

Considering becoming a coach?

What is coaching? Coaching is an increasingly popular tool for supporting an individual’s or group’s personal development. It is used within a business environment to enhance performance and encourage achievement and attainment. The coaching relationship is a partnership – an equal relationship allowing the coachee to: – Clarify and set the goals that they really […]

Selfie, supervision and success – reflecting on my coaching selfie

I attended the Coaching at Work Annual Conference “Onwards and Upwards”. Hearing Liz Hall, Editor of Coaching at Work reflect on the last ten years (of the publication) the challenges, the achievements, the thrill of making it work has made me reflect on my year. 2015 is a big year for BSC and there is […]

Coaching Blog – Language That Passes All Understanding

A recent trip to deliver a presentation at the launch of the British School of Coaching’s UAE Network proved to be an interesting source of learning on several levels, but perhaps the most interesting reflection that it prompted was the use of language in coaching. What started this thought process of was my arrival at […]

Reflective Practice

Reflective Practice – a phrase that you may have encountered numerous times as you conduct your own coaching practice, but what does it actually mean? Take a moment to recollect the most successful coaching interventions that you have conducted – what did the client do to make the success occur. I would suggest that what […]

Known Unknowns

Ramadan provides an excellent opportunity for self-reflection- and an opportunity to reflect on your coaching practice and yourself as a coach. One of the common themes from candidates that I have encountered, when delivering the British School of Coaching’s Level 7 coaching and mentoring course, has been angst about encountering topic or issues in sessions […]