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Permissions to Coach

One of the recurring topics that I have noticed in my supervisionary practice is the issue of contracting within the coaching session itself. Most coaches put a lot of focus and attention on the formal legal contract which governs the coaching intervention-especially the bits about payment, cancellations, terminations etc.etc. However the informal contracting that arises […]

Implementing your research project – collecting your data

In this blog I will be looking at collecting information for your research project. This will include three common methods of collecting data – the survey questionnaire; the focus group; and individual interviews. 1. Survey questionnaire. With questionnaires every effort needs to be made to persuade people to respond – firstly by providing an explanation […]

Resolutions – A Goal Setting Lesson

“Resolutions are most often empty promises for those who have an abundance of dreams, but refuse to wake up and live them”- Dr Steve Maraboli.  When we started the New Year everyone’s thoughts turned to setting resolutions. A boom time for diet clubs and gym memberships. The media coverage also saturates our every moment with […]

Researching your Practice

Once you have identified your research topic and refined your research question, the next stage is to decide on your design and methodology – what and how information you will collect to answer your question. Once you have decided on these, a plan with SMART goals and a realistic timetable is necessary to ensure successful […]


The recent adverse weather conditions that has struck the UK recently has been a remarkable demonstration of the resilience people have when faced with adverse situations. Resilience has been one of the “hot topics” in coaching developments in 2015, together with the concepts of mindfulness and wellbeing. As a coach you are likely to encounter […]

Keep Calm and Get a Coach in 2016

  Happy New Year to everyone, as we look ahead we hope for all good things for our family and friends. As I reflect back on the previous year I find myself thinking of things I didn’t do and now become part of my must do list for 2016. A large part of my life […]

Space and Time to Think

If you follow my blogs on a regular basis you will be aware of the importance I place on reflection, learning and applying this learning to our practice. In a previous blog (How to become an even better coach – Identifying the slither of difference) I discussed the slither of difference idea identify the elements […]

The P.A.T Model

The NIKE tick and tagline “just do it” is probably one of the most recognised brands. This call to action may be interpreted as do it – now! Implying immediate action, dive straight in. Whilst diving straight in may work it isn’t an approach that is likely to be the most effective for the client. […]

What makes a good research topic? And: What makes a good research question?

This week, I will be writing first about what makes a good research topic? The research topic is the general idea or area of interest from which you will be able to develop a more specific research question. You can identify research topics from any number of sources – your personal experience of coaching and […]

What Makes a Good Research Project

This is the first of a series of blogs about research in the context of coaching. This week I will be looking at what research is and what makes research different from other forms of enquiry. ‘Research’ can be used as a general term as in ‘researching the best restaurant/hotel/car’ through use of a specialist […]