Mothers – Are you the loneliest Exec?

Ray Garner
Ray Garner

It’s lonely at the top – so CEO’s, and those who write about them, will tell you. The wise CEO will often turn to an external ‘Executive Coach’ to help them review their visions and aspirations in a ‘safe environment’.

But, there is one type of CEO that rarely gets the recognition, nor support, that they deserve. They wear more hats than most other execs – they are leaders, motivators, financial controllers, human resource managers, trainers and developers and, often, counsellors. In addition, they may be interior designers, chefs and accountants; and any number of other, unspecified jobs. They are, of course, wives, home-builders and household managers. In UAE, they may also be a long way from home and the support networks they grew up with. Yet, they are the heart of the family and the leadership challenges they face, whilst presenting a smiling face to the world, are evidently similar to the challenges faced by the business exec. If on a smaller scale, within the family, then all the more intimate and intense than within the corporate setting.

It occurs to me, as an ‘executive coach’, that so called ‘life’, or ‘personal’, coaching is really indivisible from any other branch of our profession and deserves the same respect and kudos.
In this environment differences become concerns, concerns become problems. Who do you turn to, it can be a close friend of a group of ladies who you meet for coffee or exercise with. In this environment there is likely to be a transient group and may not bring with it the non-judgemental confidentiality necessary. This is the place for coaching.

What is a coach?

A coach is not an adviser, a therapist or a counsellor. A coach should practice by asking the key questions, giving you space to think, providing opportunity to identify ways to move forward and commit to action.

This approach isn’t laden with others view of ‘right’ but provides a non-judgemental space and time.

To the potential client, I would borrow the beauty-product strap-line – “Because you’re worth it!”

Some of our Clients

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