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Five great tips for anyone starting out as a mentor…

Michael McGlynn, Assistant in Student Help and Wellbeing, Liverpool Hope University

Michael McGlynn, Assistant in Student Help and Wellbeing, Liverpool Hope University

The world needs mentors.

We live in a society characterised by individualistic entitlement seasoned with a pinch of fear-induced need to succeed. With potential career paths for many it would seem an exciting time to live, yet the sheer volume of decisions to be made renders a nation impotent.

Many people shy away from mentoring because they either feel under qualified or have had no experience of it themselves so it feels foreign.

I have come to 5 simple conclusions that will hopefully help you along your own mentoring path.

A Mentor is a Constant.  In life often the biggest enemy to overcome is inconsistency, a Mentor can provide stability for a mentee.

A Mentor is a Sign Poster.  You don’t have to be perfect to be a mentor, simply point your Mentee toward appropriate practitioners when required.

A Mentor is an Aggressive Encourager.  Draw the best out of your mentee by being their biggest fan.

A Mentor is a Goal Setter.  Make the future smaller by helping your mentee set simple short term goals or help them see the bigger picture with a 20 year plan.

A Mentor is a Sounding Board.  Act as a non-judgemental listening ear/.  Hear what they have to say without offering your thoughts and allow your mentee to draw their own conclusions.

If you can implement these 5 tips I have no doubt that you will have a great foothold from which start your mentoring career.


Dream big, start small.


Michael is currently Assistant in Student Help and Wellbeing at Liverpool Hope University. He developed the ILM Level 2 Mentoring course for BSC in 2013, a course which has gone on to be hugely popular in both the UK and UAE.