Know yourself, know your client

Charlotte Randall
Charlotte Randall

In order to operate professionally and within the ethical boundaries of coaching,I believe we have an obligation to our clients to undertake periods of sustained self-reflection. My personal mantra that has supported my continued development and ability to self-reflect objectively on my performance,and that of my clients, is ‘know yourself, know your client’.

When we make the decision to bring about a change involving the development of new knowledge and skills to move forwards, it is my belief that we must first be aware of the behavioural default settings from which we operate as a norm. To enable this process of self-reflection to have a purpose we must understand the values, beliefs and attitudes that we hold and that are the foundation on which we base our decisions. Understanding ourselves, and the standpoint from which we operate, we are able to communicate effectively and develop relationships based on mutuality of purpose and outcome.Similarly, through reflection you are better equipped to foresee situations when assumptions and judgements might hi-jack your session, when emotions might supersede the facilitation of a clients thoughts, learning and progression and when ego states might limit relationships. Linked to this is fully understanding the role and responsibilities we take on within our professional and personal lives; an appreciation of how our personal culture has impacted on us emotionally and spiritually, and the persona that we choose to show people in public.

Once self-aware, you become better equipped with the skills and tools to support your client through their journey of understanding and how their values, beliefs and attitudes might impact on their relationships and decisions that they make.

Charlotte Randall

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