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Judith Barton
Judith Barton

In my last blog I concentrated on reflection. Whether through writing the blog, I have reflected more or have written the blog due to more reflection and learning I am not sure.

However I do know truly effective reflection needs:

1. Time – not necessarily long periods of time but ‘ free’ time free from ‘spikes’ of thought – jumping or spiking into your reflective thinking.

2. Space – freedom to think, create space to think – include it in your daily to do list.

3. Clearance-Reflective Clearance© – without a clear mind the thinking, pondering and ‘openness of mind’ is not available to you and is crucial when working with clients.

4. Unblock and remove the debris – in reality this often means stop thinking about stuff that doesn’t matter, after we have created the time, space and clear the big stuff. There can be continual internal struggles that if not removed will act as a distraction and infect your reflective thinking.

5. Floating & Oxygen – Remember your mind should be ‘floating’ to think not solve, so introduce the space to think, I like to think of this as allowing the oxygen to flow through the brain.

Make reflection part of your DNA and see your practice improve. Flip from continually doing to a balance of doing and learning.

I would love to learn of your ‘best reflect moment’. What made it really work?

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Judith Barton

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