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Judith Barton

New Year Post: A new year brings with it thoughts of change, focus and commitment. Commit to doing that something – that something could be change job, lose weight, learn a language; complete that qualification!

Whatever it is, it shows that without commitment it wouldn’t have been achieved. History shows us people need help to move from transient solutions to achieve the holy grail of sustainable solutions.

As coaches we work with clients to achieve sustainability – it’s what we do. The first week of 2015 is a great opportunity to show the power of coaching, help people make their resolutions sustainable.


1)People need help to identify change and to make change.

2)Weather isn’t an excuse – for me this is a metaphor. Clients who don’t commit to their actions will not achieve. A coach should commit in their sessions.

3)Be prepared for the year ahead, life will throw up demands and challenges, some of which will be in your clients control. To achieve sustainability you will need to be flexible.

4)Don’t be blown off course. 2015 will offer many distractions especially with a general election.

5)Reward yourself, give yourself a treat for maintaining your focus and achieving SUSTAINABILITY.

Judith Barton

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