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BSC coaching cards

BSC Image Cards

Another great tool for a coach to add to their kitbag. They can be used on oneself or with clients to explore perceptions, thoughts and qualities. Looking at the image and words on the cards, you can consider how it makes you feel and what thoughts does it trigger, or you can focus on the qualities that you possess or would like to develop. In a group setting, the cards can be used to help build a greater understanding of your fellow team members.

BSC Image Card: £27 from BSC

BSC Value Cards

A handy tool to help you to reflect on your values and what they mean to you. They can be used in a coaching or mentoring session to help the client understand more about themselves and leaders can use the cards to gain a greater understanding of team members. Coaches use the value cards by asking clients to consider each value and place them under the various headings signifying whether it’s important or not.  You can invite the client to physically stand back, maybe suggest taking a picture to capture and ask them to reflect. It is not unusual to find contradictions, which can then be explored.

BSC Value Cards: £15 from BSC

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