50 Coaching Questions

The GROW model is a popular coaching framework that stands for Goal, Reality, Options, and Way Forward.

Here are 50 coaching questions based on the GROW model:

  1. What do you want to achieve?
  2. How important is this goal to you?
  3. How will achieving this goal benefit you?
  4. What is your current reality in relation to this goal?
  5. What obstacles are preventing you from achieving your goal?
  6. What resources do you have to help you achieve your goal?
  7. What actions have you taken so far towards your goal?
  8. How successful have these actions been?
  9. What options do you have to overcome the obstacles?
  10. What additional resources might you need?
  11. What skills or knowledge might you need to develop to achieve your goal?
  12. What support do you need to achieve your goal?
  13. What strategies have worked well for you in the past that you could apply to this situation?
  14. What are the risks or consequences of taking different options?
  15. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each option?
  16. What are the potential outcomes of each option?
  17. How does each option align with your values?
  18. What is the best option for you to pursue?
  19. What are the specific actions you need to take to achieve your goal?
  20. What is the timeline for these actions?
  21. How will you stay motivated and committed to achieving your goal?
  22. What potential obstacles might arise as you work towards your goal?
  23. How will you overcome these obstacles?
  24. What is your definition of success?
  25. How will you measure your progress towards your goal?
  26. What milestones do you need to achieve along the way?
  27. What potential distractions might prevent you from achieving your goal?
  28. What strategies can you use to stay focused and avoid distractions?
  29. What support do you need from others to achieve your goal?
  30. How can you communicate your needs and seek support effectively?
  31. What are the potential benefits of achieving your goal?
  32. What will your life be like when you achieve your goal?
  33. How will achieving your goal impact your relationships with others?
  34. How will achieving your goal impact your career or personal growth?
  35. How does your goal align with your/your organisation’s long-term vision and values?
  36. What are your strengths that will help you achieve your goal?
  37. What are your weaknesses that you need to overcome to achieve your goal?
  38. What is the first step you need to take towards achieving your goal?
  39. How will you know when you have achieved your goal?
  40. What will you do to celebrate your success?
  41. What have you learned from past experiences that can help you achieve your goal?
  42. What fears or limiting beliefs are holding you back from achieving your goal?
  43. How can you overcome these fears or limiting beliefs?
  44. What new habits or routines do you need to develop to achieve your goal?
  45. What is the impact of not achieving your goal?
  46. What strategies can you use to deal with setbacks or failures?
  47. How can you use feedback to improve your performance and achieve your goal?
  48. What is your plan for maintaining your progress after achieving your goal?
  49. How can you leverage your success to achieve even more in the future?
  50. What other goals or aspirations do you have beyond this one, and how do they fit into your overall life/organisation vision?

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