As a leadership team (at APM), we all agreed that executive coaching from the British School of Coaching would help us and we committed to a year’s trial of both individual and group coaching. This worked well for us as the executive coaches were matched to individual members of the leadership team. Also, the group sessions started off generic, but became quickly focused on APM’s priorities. Whilst the coaching itself was engaging and facilitated reflection, it was the actions we committed to between sessions where the real impact became clear. This trial of executive coaching was hugely successful and we have now committed to it for a further year and extended its reach to include APM’s Heads of Department. We also saw reduced staff turnover during the period as we focused on providing internal opportunities for growth and development. Importantly, there were significant improvements in trust and transparency within the leadership team, which had the benefit of us being much more effective as a group.  
Prof Adam Boddison OBE , Chief Executive, Association for Project Management

I would like to thank all of you who have been so supportive and wise during the last three years, but especially Virginia. She has been a complete star, not just with guidance and advice but a natural instinct for ‘prodding’ at the right time. Together with my fellow course members I feel a part of a community of practice which is truly inspiring.
Pamela Chrispin, Deputy Medical Director at East Anglian Air Ambulance and a non-executive director at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

My learning experience with BSC has had a profoundly positive benefit for me, both professionally and personally. The quality of the course was second to none and the tutors and staff are highly professional, knowledgeable, skilled, approachable and supportive. It has been hard work but immensely rewarding, on many levels, and also very enjoyable!
Calum Campbell

I felt that I was learning throughout, the content and delivery online was easy to follow, it was explained well and the environment was conducive to positive learning, building trust and rapport. The session was interactive and the days went really quickly. The slides used during the presentation were sent out in advance and it all felt very professional and well organised. All in all, for me it was a first-class learning experience.
Roy Willams, Group Chief Executive, The Sovini Group

I had an enjoyable and engaging supervision session online with Martin Hill who is an experienced professional in the field of coaching. The supervision session provided a great space for reflection and support which are important elements in improving coaching competence.
Elham Hennesey, Business Owner, Coach, Middle East

Thank you Martin and thank you BSC, I cannot overstate how impressed I was with BSC’s online delivery. I was really surprised how well it works and how comfortable it was… I got all the benefits of the training day but from the comfort of my own home and without the lengthily commute!
Programme Lead, Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Impressed by tutor knowledge and experience. Also professionalism given to supervision.
Director of Learning and Development, Financial Services

I really enjoyed Level 2 course days, and I’m finding that conversations with my children have greater patience and understanding.  It’s amazing when given the time and opportunity how much children contribute with great and sensible solutions.  I feel we work more as a team now, rather than parents battling with good intent however not receiving the expected level of co-operation in return.
Angela Dutton, Parent Mentor

I was looking for the next step after the CIPD.  I was very interested in coaching.  Through this course I felt I have moved up and focused on this area of professional responsibility.  Coaching is a way of life: I want them to think of the solutions, not me.  I felt privileged to be one of the first UAE nationals to ever participate in the ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring. 
Kawther Al Hamed, Head of Human Resources, United Arab Emirates Ministry of Cabinet Affairs

I found the training incredibly helpful in developing a range of skills to assist me in supporting my team and developing a culture based on continuous improvement by focusing on solutions. The training has developed my confidence in tackling more challenging conversations in a positive non-confrontational manner. I find I use the skills I learnt on a daily basis and feel strongly that the training has improved my effectiveness as a manager.
Chris Long, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor, Cumbria CPS

I am developing a coaching culture at this school and all the training for staff has been provided by BSC. The impact has been considerable and it is still growing. Recently my Deputy Headteacher was accepted on to the National Professional Qualification for Headship after a two day assessment. Part of the assessment was specifically about the candidates’s ability to coach another leader. My Deputy had recently completed the Level 5 qualification with BSC and the assessors commended her for one of the strongest presentations of coaching they had witnessed. This was particularly pleasing for me because this individual did not have full confidence in her abililty to deliver coaching and this external validation has helped her tremendously and confirmed the quality of the training she received through our partnership with BSC.
Mike Jones, Headteacher, South Failsworth Primary School

I have worked with Judith Barton for a number of years now. I have personally benefited greatly from the guidance and advice I have received which has always been insightful and of a very high value. From a personal perspective, I am convinced that much of my success is attributable to the training and development work I have done with Judith and other members of her team. In the highly competitive senior job market, mentoring of this type is in my view invaluable. 
Nick Price, Chief Crown Prosecutor

Coaching has changed my way of seeing work relationships, be they with my team and the children. The course has focused me on others’ perception rather than mine. By questioning rather than telling, I feel I get more in-depth understanding from the children and more involvement from my team. Coaching is a great tool for leading and teaching.
Mikael Jamin, Dubai English Speaking School

I have nothing but utmost professional respect for the way BSC conduct themselves in delivering and supervising coaching training. Even after the training has been completed they continue to offer support through networking events and actively encourage further supervision.  On a personal level, my coaching qualification has enabled me to better support colleagues critically reflect upon their practice and take action to improve, whilst making me more aware of how I communicate verbally and non-verbally with others on a daily basis.
Charlotte Randall, Influence Learning