Brenda McKay

Senior Tutor & Coach

RN, DipN, MBA, FISQC, ILM L7 Cert.

Brenda is the Programme Director for the ILM Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring and also delivers the ILM Level 7 Executive Coaching and Mentoring programmes and leads the Group Coaching Training. In addition, we have a rapidly growing practice in wellbeing coaching which is led by Brenda. She has 26 years of experience working in the private sector using ​coaching and mentoring as a fundamental solution to issues of staff performance, collegiality, morale and support. Brenda was also key in maximising resources and team performance through periods of change in senior management in the private and public health care sector. As a board member, her responsibilities were for a multidisciplinary and multi-cultural workforce which included a leadership team as well as other staff.  Brenda is also very active in developing coaching within the public sector as a discipline and supports various projects as a personal tutor and coach supervisor. Her mission is to help others to make lasting and effective positive change by using proven and easy to apply, methods. Her approach encourages and supports the individual towards reflection and action, to overcome obstacles, turning them into positive results, thus helping individuals achieve accountability, personal satisfaction and balance.