BeWell: a group coaching model to foster the wellbeing of individuals

Author: Dr.Ana Paula Nacif

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This multi-methods study, informed by the principles of action research, presents an evidence-based model for group coaching for wellbeing. The model is primarily based on psychological
wellbeing and positive psychology theories, and it was tested empirically over two group coaching interventions. Coachees’ wellbeing improved after the group coaching interventions
and the data analysis shows that the programme supported coachees in various areas associated with wellbeing, such as meaning, positive emotions, locus of control, and new
perspectives. Furthermore, coachees reported that the coaching programme raised their self-awareness and provided them with a supportive environment for action and change. The study
highlighted the crucial role the group can play as a catalyst for change, whilst enabling coachees to experience conditions that contribute to their wellbeing. By shining a spotlight on
group coaching, this research has shown the value of working in this way, including the opportunity to make coaching for wellbeing more inclusive, accessible and impactful.

Published by Oxford Brookes University

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