A practical programme developed exclusively for School Leaders who are keen to develop coaching skills and a coaching style of interaction.

Course description

This highly interactive 2-day workshop will develop your understanding of coaching and the skills needed to have coaching conversations that promote a learning and solution focused school culture.

The topics covered include:

  • The role of a school leader as an internal coach
  • Developing key coaching skills – listening, questioning, silence and building rapport to engage colleagues
  • Coaching as a school leader
  • Using coaching language to enhance communication and develop productive relationships with colleagues
  • Balancing ‘telling’ behaviours with ‘asking’ behaviours
  • Working within a professional development coaching agreement and ethical boundaries

What are the major benefits of coaching in education?

  • Builds a cadre of mentors & coaches within the school
  • More confidence and effectiveness in leadership, teaching and managing behaviour
  • Maximises the strengths of existing school leaders and teachers
  • Well-being for staff and students
  • Cultivates a growth mindset enabling staff to share best practices, take risks in trying new things and to create a whole school learning culture
  • Provides opportunities to learn from each other leading to better collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Supports targeted professional development based on the needs of individual teachers

Course Tutors

We deliver our courses in a unique way, reflecting our core beliefs of respect, rigour, integrity, professionalism and success. Our Faculty of professional tutors and coaches provide excellent coaching programmes and are proud to always ‘go the extra mile’ when it comes to support for learners. Every member of staff and learner is required to adhere to our core values of respect, integrity and confidentiality.

If you wish to have further information and understand how you can make the most of coaching in your school please contact irene@britishschoolofcoaching.com.


Sep 18, 2024

10am to 5pm

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