An introductory group coaching programme for qualified and certified coaches who want to add group coaching as an offer in their practice.

Course description

This programme, run over 4 half days, is for anyone who is interested in developing their understanding of group coaching, the skills required to facilitate group coaching and add value to their coaching business and their clients.

The objectives of the programme are:

1) understand the principles of group coaching;

2) understand the impact of group dynamics;

3) applying coaching skills in a group context

The interactive 4 half days will introduce a variety of topics supported through practice. Topics covered during the programme include;

  • Developing understanding of group coaching; the context, contracting and care
  • Demo group coaching skills working with holding, containing, dynamics
  • Tools of choice for group coaching
  • Recognising your strengths and challenges as a professional coach, working with groups
  • Practical matters, set up and running

(8 participants maximum per group)