Ramadan/Summer Reading Series: 1

Ramadan and summer time provides an excellent opportunity for reflection and self-development. Following the tradition established last year, I will hopefully provide some suggestions to tempt your learning.

When we are in the midst of studying for a coaching or mentoring qualification, we spend a lot of time reading numerous source materials – but what happens after the qualification is gained?  I bet that they are left to gather dust on a shelf or left in some dark, unwelcoming corner as a mini-table or portable storage area as I prefer to describe it.

When was the last time that you revisited the materials? It can be really interesting to revisit an old favourite and reflect on whether the contents still “sing out” to you now. Reflect on whether your viewpoint as to the contents has changed – is that due to your experience that you have subsequently gained? What causes the “grating” or discomfort?

The books may also serve to refresh your skills and knowledge and correct some of the “bad habits” that you may have unconsciously developed.

Why not set yourself a challenge of revisiting one book and reflecting on what this means for you and your coaching practice.

These recommendations relate to the “hot topics” of mindfulness and wellbeing. They appear in no order of preference:


Well I hope that this has provoked some thinking and provided some insights for purchases. Remember that as a member of ISQC we have secured discounts from some of the publishers – email for more details.

Martin Hill LL.B (Hons), FInstLM, FISQC, MAC, EMCC Member, Coach & Coach Supervisor
Faculty Member
Programme Director for ILM 7 Coaching & Mentoring Courses

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