Looking After Your Number 1 Resource

If you sell your skills then you are the number 1 resource. Whether you run your own business as a freelancer or work in an organisation, the quality and experience of the service clients receive will be mainly down to you.

The experience you provide is your differentiator; clients deserve value from their experience and are prepared to pay for it. The greater the value the more likely it is that you will get repeat business and referrals.

The skills you have and the experience you create for your client must be looked after, so how do you plan to look after this in 2017? How do you plan to look after yourself in 2017?

In your goal setting for 2017, where do YOU feature? Have you planned to look after your number 1 resource? Will you be the best you can be to your clients and potential clients in this year? Ask yourself: “how will you achieve the best you?”

Take time to ask and answer the following questions. If you already have a coach/mentor supervisor, talk through your plan and get the support, feedback and guidance to achieve your vision.

Looking after YOU – your number 1 resource


It is a good idea to make a list;

Stuff listStopDo ableHelpRisksReduce risksGoalsPossible

Remember setting goals is only the beginning. Why not learn more about managing your own wellbeing? Attend the Wellbeing Coaching programme (Endorsed by ILM) and add even more value to your clients.

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Judith Barton, Director of Coaching and Mentoring

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