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Adding value through leadership coaching

  Every one of us can be perceived as a leader and will require at different phases in our lives to make this explicit. We have all had to plan, organise, execute and deploy on various levels in order to deliver an end goal. Invariably, we do not operate alone in the realms of leadership […]

A gift of time

When did you last give yourself time? This is a question I sometimes ask clients. Time to think and reflect; time to assess and take a fresh look; time to plan, and commit to action. Maybe the client can do this for themselves.  After all, they are going to have to come up with the […]

Location, location, location

It is often one of the things that coaches arrange without too much thought- but the location you choose for a coaching session may well make a significant impact on the success of the session. Frequently the coaching location is influenced by the coaching sponsor- with the use of the organisation’s premises providing a convenient […]

Working Alone

Last week I wrote about supporting colleagues to ensure they have a safe and productive experience whilst working on international assignments. Many assignments particularly coaching involve working alone. Working solo is something I enjoy and have probably been a little naïve in appreciating the risks, so based on the approach you often look after others […]

Sorting the basics – working overseas

When colleagues say they are working overseas it can seem exciting to those who are back at base or maybe delighted they aren’t travelling at all! Over the years we have discovered how much preparation is needed to ensure they will “hit the ground running”. If at all possible on their first assignment abroad they […]

Staying in control of your decisions

We have all had to make choices in our life that have required decisions to be made to affect an end goal. The bigger the end goal the more resilient you need to be to aspire to achieve it. Once the wheels are in motion towards your target you embark on a journey that will […]

Challenge in Coaching

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you” Fred DeVito “Challenge” is one of the key skills that a coach needs to possess, but from my experience as a coach and supervisor it is interesting to reflect upon the many and varied meanings that people apply to the same word. For some challenge equates […]

Operating Within Your Strengths Zone

How many of us grew up under the premise that we could be anything we wanted to be, if we just applied ourselves hard enough? I certainly have recollections of my mother regularly imparting this message on me, mostly when I was refuting doing my homework. A mother now myself, I have had to work […]

Coaches need to be coached – Oh and supervised!

To me, running a coaching practice is similar to being in a legal or medical practice.  As a professional coach I am going on a journey with my clients enabling them to delve into their own resources so that they can develop a sense of their own potential and are supported to realise that potential […]

Coaching within your Competence

Coaching is a set of knowledge, understanding and skills which can be applied generically to any business setting – i.e. it can be applicable to any business or work setting in the private, public or voluntary sectors. Business coaching is focused on facilitating the development of management and leadership skills: coachees may be operating at […]